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22 April 2018

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Autolisp Commands:

(1) append
(1) appendOuterLoop
(1) apply
(2) cons
(3) defun
(1) entsel
(1) function
(1) if
(1) lambda
(2) length
(2) list
(2) mapcar
(1) princ
(1) progn
(11) setq
(1) ssget
(2) ssname
(1) tblobjname
(1) tblsearch
(4) vl-load-com
(1) vl-sort-i
(2) vla-add
(2) vla-addcircle
(1) vla-AddHatch
(1) vla-addLightweightPolyline
(1) vla-addtable
(1) vla-addtext
(1) vla-delete
(1) vla-evaluate
(5) vla-get-ActiveDocument
(1) vla-get-activelayer
(1) vla-get-blocks
(1) vla-get-layers
(3) vla-get-ModelSpace
(1) vla-item
(1) vla-put-activelayer
(1) vla-put-Alignment
(1) vla-put-color
(1) vla-put-layer
(1) vla-put-TextAlignmentPoint
(1) vla-setText
(1) vlax-3d-point
(1) vlax-dump-object
(4) vlax-ename->vla-object
(6) vlax-get-Acad-Object
(3) vlax-get-property
(1) vlax-invoke
(2) vlax-make-safearray
(2) vlax-make-variant
(2) vlax-put-property
(2) vlax-safearray-fill
(1) vlax-true
(2) vlax-vbdouble
(1) vlax-vla-object->ename
Classe:Properties Layer Modify Color Create Tag:
Manipular LAYERS:
(setq *Desenho* (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-Acad-Object)));identificar o desenho
(setq laycol (vla-get-layers *desenho*)) ;lista de layers no desenho
(if (not (tblsearch "layer" "ic_dre_aux")) ; testar se já existe
(progn (setq layobj (vla-add laycol "novo_layer")) ;criar o layer
(vla-put-color layobj 250) ;atribuir uma cor
)) ;_ end of if

(setq lay_orig (vla-get-activelayer *desenho*)) ;tira o layer actual
(vla-put-activelayer *desenho* (vla-item laycol "novo_layer")) ;colocar o novo
(vla-put-activelayer *desenho* lay_orig); Devolver o original
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Classe:center width Modify height activedocument Tag:View/Zoom
Alterar o "view" ou "Zoom":
(setq doc (vlax-get-property (vlax-get-acad-object) "activedocument")) ;documento atual

(setq viewP (vlax-ename->vla-object (tblobjname "view" "nome-da-view"))) ;view que deseja restaurar

(setq avp (vlax-get-property doc "activeviewport")) ;visualização atual

(vlax-put-property avp "center" (vlax-get-property viewP "center"));altera o centro

(vlax-put-property avp "width" (vlax-get-property viewP "width"));altera a largura

(vlax-put-property avp "height" (vlax-get-property viewP "height"));altera a altura

(vlax-put-property doc "activeviewport" avp) ;atualiza a vizualização

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Classe:Layer Create Modify Tag:Text
Create a text:

(setq *ModelSpace* (vla-get-ModelSpace (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-Acad-Object))))
(setq pt0 (list 10 10 10))
(setq var_pt (bs:lst_array PT0))
(setq texto (vla-addtext *ModelSpace* "my text" var_pt 2.5))
(vla-put-Alignment texto 13)
(vla-put-TextAlignmentPoint texto var_pt)
(vla-put-layer texto "new_layer")
(vlax-put-property texto "Rotation" pi)
;######## BASES ########
(defun bs:lst_array (ptsList / arraySpace sArray);-> (x y x y .....) => Variante
(setq arraySpace (vlax-make-safearray vlax-vbdouble (cons 0 (- (length ptsList) 1)) )) (
setq sArray (vlax-safearray-fill arraySpace ptsList)) (vlax-make-variant sArray) )

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