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25 April 2018

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(more versions) Rating: 6,9 (31 votes) Programmer: Dude Date: 2011-03-07

It allows to correct the values of the comb in any type of longitudinal profile, independently of the scale and superelevation.

Any designer that has already worked with the longitudinal profiles knows that any change is always very slow and annoying. To use this application is substantially faster and less inclined to errors, because is not necessary to make later effects or measures to alter the values in the comb one by one.
The main advantage is the elimination of the human error, specially frequent when there are superelevations.

It makes calculations and writings:

- Distances to the origin
- Altimétrique data, be soles, low, natural ground, etc.
- Depthes

Application: Changes already made profiles, or consequentive check in the comb.

Tags: Text

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< take a look > Dude 2011-03-07 alp_cor_perf_long_v2_pt.VLX 385
< take a look > marjol 2011-06-22 alp_cor_perf_long_V2_es.VLX 290

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no lo recibo en mi correo By: vlady Dec 03, 2016
el autocad no lo lee como archivo y se cierra. meronle By: DeyvidRapre Nov 02, 2016
ok By: jalcayagav Nov 02, 2016
By: islenrocha Dec 29, 2015
need, english translation !! By: bakti Feb 26, 2015
Lisp bastante util mas poderia ter algumas melhorias relativamente ao numero de casas decimais dos valores devolvidos. Alteração simples para quem tiver o codigo. By: nsimoes Oct 27, 2014
muito boa By: Cristiano Aug 08, 2014
No funciona la descarga By: langa Mar 05, 2014
thank you By: alikallas Feb 23, 2014
Utilitario y practica herramienta para construir perfiles longitudinales. Muy bueno..!!! By: hidratecsa Dec 09, 2012
La aplicación está muy buena. De exixtir la posibilidad me sería de suma utilidad que los valores de salida tengan sólo 2 cifras después de la coma en lugar de 3. De existir esa posibilidad estaría sumamente agradecido. By: dario33 May 23, 2012
good By: freend Aug 14, 2011
Muito bom o aplicativo By: FelipeAranha Jul 29, 2011
Bom, mas um pouco difícil de entender no início. By: MarcoSchmidt Mar 22, 2011

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